A Legacy Portrait tells Your Story.

Tell your story or the story of Someone you Love.

Do you have a vocation, a favorite hobby or area of interest to feature in a portrait? Do you have a Loved One with a story? Let's talk about creating a beautiful Legacy Portrait to capture that story, a portrait that will capture a Legacy as well as be passed down through the generations.


Business Portraiture,
Headshots, Branding

Business Portraits / Headshots / Branding

Is your current Business Portrait attracting clients? Is your phone ringing, are email inquiries flooding your in-box? Your business portrait is like a fishing lure, the goal is to attract your ideal client. If your phone is not ringing then maybe it's time to update your image and stop making your competition so happy!

Chick Photography has been creating beautiful portraiture on the seacoast for over 26 years. Don is a Master Photographer and a Certified Professional Photographer. He has the ability to create beautiful portraiture for you too!

Don Chick

Owner @ Chick Photography