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The Art of You!



Your business portrait is your business image.


It makes a statement about who you are and why your ideal client should call you. It should convey your charisma, project your professional competence and (very importantly) cause your phone to ring. If you want to project a professional image  with your business portrait, call Don right now! 603.335.4448


Don was great to work with and he did a fantastic job on my portrait.

Don was able to capture my personality through his lens.

I would refer Don as he provides a good service.

Thank you!

Cathy S.



I hired Don because he is extremely talented with a long history of distinctions and awards.


Don has the ability to make you feel very comfortable in a sitting while giving clear directions about pose and posture that create the desired effects.


Don has a very well-trained eye for lighting and composure. You should definitely ask about his legacy portraits. And I refer Don all the time, he does amazing work.


Matt R.




I chose Mr. Don Chick to create my portrait due to his professionalism and achievements in the professional photography world. Don made me feel comfortable while creating my Portrait.

I never felt stressed or rush due to timing.

In addition, Don is a fantastic guy and a pleasure to see. I hope he continues this art and finds himself a few celebrities to add to the portfolio!


One other question I asked Justin. “Would you refer Chick Photography?” I would absolutely refer you to anyone in need of a Portrait. I would suggest to anyone too that this is the place to get your Portrait done. The attention to detail and patience from Don had a really nice effect on the outcome of the final image.


Justin S.



 The Photographic evidence brought me to Don at Chick Photography. Don is warm and easygoing. His confidence is felt in his ability to let his work speak for itself. He will read you without seeming like he is scanning you as a barcode, more like he is listening with his whole person for the moment you start to relax.


The only hitch in the whole process was that he is unGPSable. This doesn't pose a huge problem, it does add character to the experience.**


Question? Would you refer us or do you refer us?:

Totes man, abso-frign-lutely, Don's great, call him!

David M.




**Yes, finding "Main Street, East Rochester" can be challenging at times!

Call the Studio (603) 335.4448 and I"ll get you here!   ~Don


Don is a great guy in person and I have seen his fantastic work! Not a hard choice for me to have him do my business portrait.

Yes, I would refer him and YES I DO!

I was at Don's studio for an hour. I don't photograph well. He took a lot of photos initially then once I got relaxed he started in earnest. He took some traditional shots then had me do other seemingly weird poses. When we were done he looked at a couple then showed me his favorite. I wasn't sure about it, but  I also showed several to my family and colleagues. I finally chose his choice for everything and wow! I get so many great comments. The most common is, "It's you!"

 I have gotten referrals by people choosing my picture out of a group of 4+ as "that's the guy!"

Thanx Don!


Rich H.

Rochester, NH


I've had the pleasure of working with Don. Our office needed a variety of shots from office atmosphere to employee headshots. Don lended his experienced perspective, patience and keen sense for what was an outstanding end result. Professional, courteous, prompt...a pleasure to work with!

Lisha B.

Office Manager


I decided to have Chick Photography create my business portrait because I realize how important my image on the web and my website really is. Don’s work is both professional and of very high quality. The portrait session with Don was well planned as you can see from the final image. I recommend Don to you for his great work, professional quality and reasonable prices.

Hoagy H.



My initial hesitation was that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth the money or the effort to go through the whole process. I also didn’t realize how unprofessional, uninviting and unapproachable my old portrait was once I compared it to the new portrait Don created of me. I was very impressed with the fact that truly Don did what he said he would do, in that the image would make me look good, approachable and really enhance my image. The transformation of my image from my old photo to the new one was amazing. Because your business portrait is such an important selling tool to convince potential clients to consider working with you, I would definitely recommend Chick Photography. It was a great experience and I really believe that it was worth the time and effort to do this.

Donald S

Reverse Mortgage Specialist


The overall experience is a unique one.  The nice part about the situation (or unique part) was that there were no moments where I felt self conscious or nervous, or uncomfortable. I had pictures done in the past, not for business, but for music, they were awkward. I’ve gone with friends who’ve had head shots done and it was always uncomfortable. I would say it is a different comfort level that you offer people. There’s nothing like it that I’ve seen so far.

Overall, I think I enjoyed how comfortable you made me feel in the process.

Alyssa L

Insurance Specialist

I wanted a professional to do my picture. I had one other experience and that one experience was not that pleasant. With you we spent the time to get who I was out to the camera you brought out all the positives. I think that is what helped me get a better picture or portrait. You were able to bring out a natural smile and I love my portrait.

One of the other things that I liked about you, Don, is that you had a warm personality about your self and you really made me feel at ease. You weren’t cold and stiff. You were very calming and you made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

Jen E

Real Estate Specialist


Don's photography is the most artistic I have ever encountered.


He has the ability to add a "speaking image" to his portraits that is remarkable.  I tell Don, "it is hard to put a shine on a sneaker" but he can and does.  Don't hesitate.  Go with the best!


 Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Hollo


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